Not sure if you have already heard but we just came out with a new addition to our KETO-FIED line: Coconut Flour wraps! These wraps are made with simple ingredients just like our other products! Also, with Summer rolling around, what better way to enjoy your summer wraps, tacos, etc. than with this delicious low-carb and keto-friendly alternative!

We help you reach your goals!

For those of you who do not know, the Ketogenic Diet* or as many call it the KETO or Low Carb diet, can help you reach your health goals or overcome health problems. We decided to create a line of products to help those following this lifestyle or are choosing to make better food choices without having to completely give up those delicious carb-heavy foods. So with that being said, we hope you enjoy the KETO-FIED product line that we created with all of you in mind!

KETO-FIED product line

Cheesy everything bagels

Coconut flour sliced bread

Coconut flour buns

Almond flour waffles

Coconut flour crust pepperoni pizza

Coconut flour crust cheese pizza

Coconut flour wraps

and more…

*Please consult your doctor or nutritionist to make sure KETO is the right choice for you. Please note that KETO is different for every person; it goes from strict KETO to help the body stay in Ketosis for some while others will follow a low-carb diet.