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Why Healthy Meals Made Easy

We shop & chop!

We know how busy life can be.  It can leave you low on time and  exhausted.  Our shop and chop service is for the person who appreciates healthy-delicious meals without all the prep work.

Our personal love of fresh food, and the reality, and acceptance, of an on-the-go and busy life is what drove us to start Healthy Meals Made Easy.  We have something for everyone!


We aim to produce the best quality meals, and to reduce the strain on your family. Our delicious meals are nutritious and filling.  We offer frozen meals and a variety of tasty side dishes.  We use fresh herbs, seasonal vegetables and quality meats.



Goals & Vision

Our Ambition – came from the realization that nutrition sometimes suffers in today’s busy world.  So does family time.  Our desire is provide people with the healthy-familiar family recipes, to encourage sit-down meals for families and to do this all with an exciting twist.

Our Reason – we sincerely believe in healthy in healthy out.  We care to make your day simpler through our warm and delicious service and great quality dishes.

The culture of Healthy Meals Made Easy is simple – we believe healthy families are happy families.

We spend our days in the kitchen chopping, prepping, cooking, and packing up meals for your freezers as well as putting together your self-assembly kits. Let us fill your fridge, or freezer, in one afternoon.

Our Team

Christelle is married and a mother of 3 teenage girls.  She came to Canada in 1999 and settled in Montreal to attended Montreal University in Educational Psychology. Her background as a youth worker in schools enabled her to tackle mental health issues and promote positive mental health among children, youth and their families. She learned at a very early stage that physical health is directly related to healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Healthy eating became a big promotion for positive mental health in the schools.